by Katy Maness

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released August 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Katy Maness

My name is Katy, currently living in the middle of Utah. This is my side project. I hope you appreciate it.

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Track Name: Feather River
I'll be waiting under tall evergreens
for you to come back to me.
Remember Feather River as it is.

I have been living all alone
in our small wooden home
trying to make new friends every day,
but they never stay for long.
The tea kettle is dry and everyone's gone home.

Here I am remembering Feather River like it was before you had gone.

I spend my days building life from lives before me.
Isn't that what we can only do bring Him glory?
I am praying with my hands and I am learning with these tools,
not earned but given to me to use until I'm old.

I have been waiting for seven dreary years for you to come home.
I spend all day convincing my mind you weren't a dream.
Darling, find time to write home to me.

Feather River, Lord, talk about dream.
and the smell of sage through my window floating in slow
and warm morning light greeting me isn't much, replacing your touch.
Track Name: Orphan
I went out in my wood
one foggy afternoon.
I followed the ivy down to its pond.

My brother laid out a path.
Stepping stones and breadcrumbs all the way back.

I made my brother promise we'd be home soon.
I went out in my wood one foggy afternoon.

I followed the ivy down to its pond.
I watched the patterns so pretty,
'til all the breadcrumbs were gone.
Track Name: New England
Patterns of a mountain side were looking like fabric of one big kite that you flew higher than mine.
It was the best day of your life.
Our little white car was swimming through vallies
and you buried yourself there.
I didn't mind.

I thought I needed a map for your eyes.
You couldn't cut through the fog, not even with your black pocket knife.
So kept driving through the solid black and through the solid white.
Compass in your hand, atlas in mine.
Track Name: the Ground
Fist pounding a stubborn hole into the ground.
Shovel nowhere to be found.
If only I would turn around
to see you standing there,
garden dug firm into the ground. You are the ground.

I will be living in the shadow of the mountain soon,
Oh Messiah, Oh my mountain, oh my ground.